Radarcape Software Release 160619.20.00.30

A new release of the Radarcape software is available on our servers. Release 160619.20.00.30 New Features: * Configuration of static IP address via web interface * Filters for altitude, speed, distance, ICAO hex codes on the 2D Map * Save and restore settings to/from file * Reboot button in the web interface * Support of…

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Radarcape latest firmware 151121 ready for download

This is the first official common release for Debian and Angstrom. From this point on, new Radarcapes will be delivered with Debian operating system. Functionality of Debian and Angstrom based Radarcapes is absolutely identical. There is no urgent need for updating to Debian. For those interested in reading about the Debian upgrade, see Radarcape:DebianSupport Changes:…

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Radarcape Debian upgrade released

We are proud to announce the official Radarcape Debian 8.1 release, based on Linux kernel 4.1. This is a major leap towards more versatility and functionality of the Radarcape. Please read more details about the Radarcape OS history and Günter’s hard work to get Debian run on the Beaglebone.  Upgrades can be done according to the…

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Radarcape latest firmware 150620 ready for download


New Radarcape FW release 150620 is ready for download. Please check the release notes. http://goo.gl/S3bXCi . We now offer colored flight targets for better identification who is climbing (cyan), descending (brown) and at level (green). Also we have a revised less memory consuming JSON format now. If you have used JSON before you need to adopt…

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Industrial action of German Post will end

The indefinite strike of German Post employees will end on Jul 07 midnight. We hope services can be restored soon and outstanding shipments will be delivered. We regret any inconvenance for our customers during the past 4 weeks, but there is no real alternative for shippings of small goods that are registered and not so…

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German Post employees strike may affect „Standard“ deliveries


Due to ongoing strike of German Post employees, „Standard“ shipments can take much longer. We recommend „Express“ shipping as this is not affected by the strike according to German Post. Please check your options here. The strike is unlimited and even once it will be ended there will be a significant backlog. We apologize for any…

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